Fox Cancels TV Program ‘Lucifer’

Fox announced the cancellation — then agreed to air two bonus episodes from what would have been its fourth season on May 28.

Groups like One Million Moms lobbied to get the program canceled, arguing that the show “mocks the Bible” and “mischaracterizes” Satan.

In a statement posted to their Facebook page, One Million Moms welcomed the news of the program’s cancellation. The post read:

“1MM asked Fox network to cancel this spiritually dangerous program with a massive petition before the show aired and followed with an email campaign urging sponsors to pull their support.”

“Public outcry, low ratings from warnings, and lack of advertisers is the cause for this vulgar show’s cancellation and the network has opted not to order additional seasons of this show. You are helping make a difference!”

The plot for “Lucifer” centered on the Devil moving from Hell to Los Angeles in order to better understand humanity. Eventually, he become a consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department and helps to solve crimes.

The conservative media watchdog group Newsbusters was another critic of the program, stating that last year’s season finale contained “more of the same insulting anti-Christian agenda and Biblically inaccurate storyline that it’s been pushing on viewers from the start.”

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