A Church in Virginia Opens a Grocery Store to Feed the Poor.

A nondenominational church in Virginia claims to be the first church in history to open up a nonprofit grocery store to provide its local impoverished community discounted groceries at up to three-quarters of the cost of regular grocery stores.

Last month, The Vineyard Church in Hampton hosted the grand relaunching of its nonprofit, The Storehouse. The Storehouse, which is located in the back of the church, exists with the purpose of providing affordable food and household necessities to many in the Hampton Roads area who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Although The Storehouse first opened in 2015, it was initially only a benefit available to church members.  But pastor Jacob Hopson told The Christian Post — as the store grew and church leadership got a better understanding of how to run it, the store was eventually opened to the public.

At the store, customers can find most of what they might find at a normal grocery store — anything from Poptarts and laundry detergent to produce, dairy and meat.

Hopson said, “We don’t do anything like skirt steak, we actually do filet mignon and New York strip. We do bone-in sirloin,” “We do high-end stuff that keeps them eating like kings and queens on a pauper’s budget.”

Hopson said the mission of the store is not to evangelize adding that the store is open to people of all faiths. In fact, Hopson said, the store carries kosher and halal meats to accommodate Jewish and Muslim shoppers.

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